Fondant, rosolio drops, demisucres, jellies, fruit pastes, gummy candies, scented lozenges and various sugar fantasies.

Tools and ancient pouring machines, still in use, keep our factory alive: but it is the attention and gesture of the craftsman that makes these creations unique.

The fondant shop - fruit sugar sweets

Tools and ancient pouring machines, still in use, keep the workshop alive, through the skilful gesture of the craftsman.

Traditional Ginevrine and Drops of Rosolio

Delicious brightly colored crunchy candies capture the flavors and essence of fresh fruits and flowers. The traditional onesscented lozenges, also known asGenevans, are obtained from a special process of cooking granulated sugar in a little water. Thedrops of rosoliothey represent the pinnacle of savoir-faire in the processing of sugar syrup. A sugar casing that encloses a drop of rosolio for an explosion of freshness that releases the aromas of fine essences.

Soft fruit candies

Soft candies, also calledfruit pastes, contain all the delicacy of rennet apples. These pastes are naturally flavored and enclosed in a sugary shell called "brilliant", which preserves the fragrance of the product for a long time.