Box of Confectioner's Sweets

Box of Confectioner's Sweets

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Our selection of desserts born from the creativity of our confectioners. Santé chocolate cream truffles, caramelized and "ingranata" fruit, sponge cakes, chestnut cream cakes, almond paste canestrelli with orange blossom: a variety of flavors dedicated to the city of Genoa and its tradition .



NEW PASTA: sugar, almonds, flour, eggs, glucose, evaporated milk, flavourings, colourings: vegetable extracts (safflower, lemon and spirulina concentrate). CANESTRELLI: almonds, sugar, glucose, distilled orange blossom water, flour (traces), semolina (traces). TRUFFLES: sugar, cocoa paste, evaporated milk, glucose, cocoa butter, flavourings. CANDY: sugar, candied fruit (fruit, sugar, glucose), almonds, walnuts, dates, glucose, coffee, flavourings, colourings: vegetable extracts (safflower concentrate, lemon and spirulina, blackcurrant, radish). NAZZAROLLE: sugar, chestnuts, glucose, flavourings, cocoa mass, evaporated milk, cocoa butter, colourings: safflower extract. CHESTNUT: sugar, chestnuts, glucose, flavourings, colouring: caramel.
May contain nuts.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g:
Calories 404 Kcal/1700 kj, Fats 14 g of which saturated fatty acids 5 g, Carbohydrates 64 g of which sugars 56 g, Proteins 5 g, Sodium 0.03 g.

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