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Wooden Easter casket

Wooden Easter casket

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A box with a spring print reproduction designed exclusively for Romanengo by Luca Tagliafico, a Genoese illustrator. Inside, a selected Easter assortment of chocolate eggs, almond paste and fondant.


Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g:
ASSORTED CHOCOLATES: Calories 481 Kcal/ 2017 kj, Fats 21.7 g of which saturated fatty acids 14 g, Carbohydrates 59.8 g of which sugars 52 g, Proteins 5.7 g, Sodium 00.5 g, ALMOND PASTA OVETTE ASSORTED: Calories 448 Kcal/ 1878 kj, Fats 20 g of which saturated fatty acids 1.75 g, Carbohydrates 59 g of which sugars 58 g, Proteins 6.75 g, Sodium 00.1 g, ASSORTED CHOCOLATE EGGS: Calories 543 Kcal / 2268 kj, Fats 31 g of which saturated fatty acids 20 g, Carbohydrates 51 g of which sugars 42 g, Proteins 9 g, Sodium 0.13 g, ASSORTED FONDANTS: Calories 368 Kcal/ 1563 kj, Fats 0 g of which acids saturated fat 0 g, carbohydrates 92 g of which sugars 83 g, protein 0.2 g, sodium 00.1 g


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