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Bar of Santé Chocolate

Bar of Santé Chocolate

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The chocolate of the nineteenth century taste. “Santé”, prepared as in the 19th century exclusively with cocoa and sugar in almost equal percentages, without any other ingredient. The lack of conching, unknown at the time, makes chocolate a paste that is not very suitable for moulding. Originally it was mostly consumed grated and dissolved in a cup, as it was considered an excellent food. It was formerly called "santé" to distinguish it from the often adulterated current chocolate and for its beneficial properties.



Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vanilla extract. May contain nuts.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g:
Calories 512 Kcal/2142 kj, Fats 25 g of which saturated fatty acids 16 g, Carbohydrates 58 g of which sugars 46 g, Proteins 10 g, Sodium 0.01 g.

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